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IV. Local branches 
4.1. The Association shall be based on its local branches, which shall be established in the territory of Ukraine with a purpose to fulfill the statute objectives and tasks of the Association and develop its structural network.

4.2. The local branches of the Association shall operate in accordance with the legislation in force, the Statute of the Association, statutes (provisions) of the local branches, which shall be adopted by their supreme administrative bodies and approved by the decision of the Executive Committee of the Association. The Statutes (provisions) of the local branches shall not contradict the Statute of the Association.

4.3. In order to obtain the status of the legal entity, local branches shall be registered at the local justice authorities.

4.4. The local branches shall elect their administrative bodies at their own meetings. The number of members of the administrative body, the order in which it shall be elected, duration of its powers, as well as types of its activity, shall be determined at the meetings of the local branch and by the Statute (provision) of the local branch.

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