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About the Association
The All-Ukrainian public organization “Ukrainian Association of Prosecutors” (hereinafter called the Association) is the All-Ukrainian public organization, which was established on the basis of pooling of common interests of its members for the purpose of execution of tasks set forth in this Statute.  
The Association is established in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine “On Public Associations”, other legislation in force and this Statute, and operates on the basis of free expression of will, equality of the members, self-government, legality and publicity, openness to society and mass media.
The Association cooperates with public and administrative authorities, other public organizations, trade-unions and scientific institutions.
The Association gets the status of the legal entity since the moment of the state registration; it has its individual property, independent balance, accounts in the banking institutions, seal, stamps, letterheads with its own name and attributes, sample of which shall be confirmed by the ExCo of the Association. The attributes shall be registered in the order established by the legislation of Ukraine.
The Association shall not be responsible for any obligation of its members, as well as the members of the Association and the local branches of the organization are not responsible for any obligation of the Association.


The legal address of the Association is 19, Voldymyrska Street, office 36, Kyiv, Ukraine.

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