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General Meeting of the All-Ukrainian Public Organization Ukrainian Association of Prosecutors

          On the 14th of March, 2015, the General Meeting of the All-Ukrainian Public Organization “Ukrainian Association of Prosecutors” took place.


          There were several honorary guests present at the meeting. They were the Secretary General of the International Association of Prosecutors Mr. Derk Kuipers, a member of the Executive Committee of the International Association of Prosecutors, an honorary member of IAP, an expert of Venice ommission Mr. James Hamilton, an honorary member of IAP, a former Secretary General of IAP, a member of the Conflict Committee of IAP Mr. Henk Marquart Scholtz, prosecutors of the public prosecution office of Lithuania Kestutis Vagneris and Marius Fokas.


          The guests addressed the General meeting with greeting speeches.


          A Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Mr. Vitaliy Kasko read out a greeting speech of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin and also greeted participants on his own behalf.


          At the meeting the President of UAP Mr. Oleksandr Shynalskyi and the Secretary of UAP Mr. Igor Artemenko made their reports.


          Participants of the General Meeting were got acquainted with the results of independent audit.


          According to the results of open vote Mr. Oleksandr Shynalskyi was re-elected a President of the Ukrainian Association of Prosecutors and Mr. Petro Shaganenko was elected a Secretary of the Association. The UAP Executive Committee was refreshed as well, and now it consists of Mr. Igor Artemenko, Mr. Oleksii Baganets, Mr. Oleksandr Burmak, Mr. Sergii Vynokurov, Mr. Grygorii Gryn, Mr. Vasyl Dragovoz, Mr. Oleksii Ipatov, Mr. Oleksandr Kovalenko, Mrs. Oksana Kondratyuk, Mr. Viktor Matviychuk, Mr. Sergii Nizhynskyi, Mr. Oleksandr Rudenko, Mr. Vasyl Synchuk and Mr. Vasiliy Chernikov.


          The Meeting approved amendments to the Statute of UAP and considered other questions.


          The President of UAP Mr. Oleksandr Shynalskyi awarded a pensioner of the public prosecution bodies of Ukraine Mr. Vasyl Kravchenko with the UAP’s decoration “The Prosecutor’s Honour”.








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