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At the meeting the Executive Committee of the Ukrainian Association of Prosecutors examined an issue of defense of the prosecutors and their families from criminal encroachments and an issue of the prosecutors’ independence and their obedience to the law only.

The Executive Committee members denoted that from the beginning of the year the state of the prosecutors’ security became considerably worse. The Ukrainian prosecutors suffered from numerous criminal attacks in connection with their duty activities. In particular, it goes about public prosecutor's offices in Rivnenskyi district and in Obolonskyi and Svyatoshynskyi districts of Kyiv. During these attacks procurator's office employees were tortured physically and psychologically, their personal effects and effects of the public prosecution offices were destroyed and stolen. Unfortunately, there was no adequate fair response to all these criminal incidents on the part of the law enforcement authorities.

Declaring its deep concernment about the state of the prosecutors’ and their families’ security, the UAP Executive Committee members passed a decision to assume all legally provided measures and measures provided by the Statute of the Association, in order not to admit facts of  prosecutors’ assaulting and their independence violation.

The Executive Committee of the Ukrainian Association of Prosecutors also passed a decision to award those procurator's office employees who were tortured physically and cruelly treated, but did not betray the law, did not allow vilifying of their prosecutor’s honor and kept performing their duties with dignity. The awards of the Ukrainian Association of Prosecutors were presented to:

Ilona Kluge

Andriy Targoniy

Bryantsev Valentyn.

The UAP award was also presented to Targoniy Iryna Ivanivna, the Woman, the Mother and the Ukrainian citizen who stood up for prosecutor’s honor and dignity.

The Executive Committee of the Ukrainian Association of Prosecutors cordially congratulates all the awarded prosecutors and takes pride in such people who work and live in Ukraine.



 Ilona Kluge


Bryantsev Valentyn


 Andriy Targoniy                                                               Targoniy Iryna Ivanivna



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