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 Dear friends!


 There is good news for you. We are no longer in the same association with Moscow prosecutors. Over the past three weeks, most senators of the International Association of Prosecutors (including the President of the Ukrainian Association of Prosecutors) have been active in closing the IAP office in St. Petersburg and expelling the RF Public Prosecutor’s Office of the IAP.


 Taking into consideration the pre-expected decision of the IAP Executive Committee on further membership in the Association of Prosecutors of the Russian Federation, which should be adopted at a meeting of the IAP Executive Committee on April 7, 2022, Russian Prosecutor General Ihor Krasnov applied for withdrawal from the IAP. The passage in Krasnov's statement that with the withdrawal of the Russian Public Prosecutor's Office from the IAP the latter has a risk of turning from a global world organization into a regional one is noteworthy. That is, Moscow prosecutors continue considering themselves a world without which everything else simply cannot exist. Fortunately, this is not true. And, unfortunately, we cannot forbid these characters to be called prosecutors. But for us and for the entire world prosecutors’ community, they are individuals who contribute to the commission of crimes by the Russist regime and, thus they are criminals themselves.


 And for criminals in Ukraine - in the courtroom – it is the Law, on the battlefield – it is a bullet!


 Glory to Ukraine!


 The President of UAP,

 Oleksandr Shynalskyi


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