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The Constitution of the IAP. Article 17. Conflicts
17.1. Any conflict with regard to the application and interpretation of this Constitution may be brought before the Conflict Committee. The Conflict Committee shall resolve a conflict brought before consideration of any submissions made to it by any of the parties concerned.
17.2. Any member shall have the right to bring a conflict issue to the Conflict Committee by presenting a petition in writing to the Secretary General, who shall promptly inform the Conflict Committee.
17.3. The Conflict Committee shall decide appeals made to it in compliance with Article 4.13 and Article 5.4.
17.4. The Conflict Committee shall consist of five members, of which the quorum shall be three, who shall be appointed by the General Meeting and shall serve for a term of three years. Members of the Conflict Committee shall be eligible for reappointment and may resign.
17.5. A member of the Conflict Committee may be dismissed by the General Meeting if, after due enquiry, the General Meeting decides that he is unable or unwilling to perform his duties or has been guilty of behaviour, which is inconsistent with his continued membership of the Conflict Committee. Paragraph 1 shall not apply to any enquiry, decision or other procedure undertaken under this paragraph.
17.6. The President may appoint a member to act as a member of the Conflict Committee in the event of the death, permanent incapacity, resignation or dismissal of a member of that Committee. A member so appointed shall hold office until the next General Meeting, which shall then appoint that member or another member to serve on the Conflict Committee until of expiration of term of his powers.

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