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The Constitution of the IAP. Article 16. Amendment to the Constitution
16.1. On the proposal of either the Executive Committee or request lodged with the Secretary-General not less than 120 days before the next General Meeting on behalf of not less than 10% of the organizational members or no fewer than 100 individual members, the Constitution shall be amended by the General Meeting by the General Meeting by a majority of not less than two thirds of the votes, counted in accordance with Article 14.5. of the members present and voting. The notice about any proposed amendment shall be sent to the members by post not less than 60 days before such meeting.

16.2. In spite of any term of paragraph 1, the Constitution can be amended by voting, counted in accordance with article 14.5, of a simple majority of the members present and voting and approved at any General Meeting, held before the first day of January, 2003.


16.3. Amendments shall have effect on such date or on the fulfilment of such condition or conditions as the General Meeting shall determine.


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