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The Constitution of the IAP. Article 14. The General Meeting
14.1. There shall be the General Meeting consisting of the organizational members, the individual members, the honorary members.
14.2. The General Meeting is charged to control Association in general. The General Meeting shall, in accordance with the Constitution, have the following power and duties:
a)     to elect the President, the Vice-Presidents, the Secretary General;
b)    to appoint the members of the Executive Committee and the Conflict Committee;
c)     to dismiss the President, the Vice-Presidents, the Secretary General and the members of the Executive Committee;
d)    to suspend the membership of or expel members at the recommendation of the Executive Committee pursuant to Article 8.2;
e)     to elect honorary members;
f)      to receive annual budgets and financial statements adopted by the Executive Committee;
g)     to determine and acknowledge the amounts payable for annual membership dues pursuant to Article 7
h)    to amend the Constitution in compliance with Article 16
i)       to establish committees of the Association pursuant to the proposals made by the Executive Committee.
14.3. The General Meeting shall meet annually at such time and place as shall be determined by the Executive Committee.  
14.4. In spite of the terms of paragraph 3, the Executive Committee may convene the extraordinary session of the General Meeting in such time and in such place, as it shall be defined.
14.5. Members shall have voting rights at the General Meeting in accordance with the following provisions of this paragraph:
The vote of an organizational member shall be equivalent in value with the votes of ten individual members and shall be cast by a person nominated therefore by the organizational member and present at the General Meeting;
Each individual member present at the General Meeting shall have one vote.
14.6. In spite of Article 16, the provisions of paragraph 5 may be amended at a General Meeting by the votes, counted in accordance with paragraph 4, of a simple majority of members present and voting.
14.7. Unless otherwise provided by the Constitution, the General Meeting shall take its decisions by the votes, counted in accordance with paragraph 5, of a simple majority of members present and voting.  

14.8. The General Meeting may adopt its own rules of procedure. It shall observe the general principles of justice, in particular of functions indicated in paragraph 2.c and 2.d.; and shall seek to ensure that members liable to be affected by its actions shall have adequate opportunity to state their case.


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