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The Constitution of the IAP. Article 12. The Vice-Presidents


12.1. There shall be six Vice-Presidents of the Association.
12.2. The Vice-Presidents shall be elected by the General Meeting. Pursuant to paragraph 3 he shall be elected on appointment of the Executive Committee.  They shall serve for a term commencing immediately after the termination of the General Meeting, at which they were elected and ending at the termination of the third Annual General Meeting and thereafter they shall be eligible for re-election. 
12.3. Nominations for election as Vice-President shall be made by not less than 10% of the organizational members or by not less than one hundred individual members. Such nominations shall be submitted to the Secretary General at least three months before the General Meeting, at which the election is due to be made. If no such nomination is received, the persons nominated by the Executive Committee shall be deemed to be elected.
12.4. The Executive Committee, by a resolution adopted by a two thirds majority of its members, may recommend to the General Meeting the dismissal of a Vice-President, if continuation of his Vice-Presidency is considered detrimental to the Association.
12.5.  In the event of dismissal, resignation or death of a Vice-President, the Executive Committee shall appoint one of its members, who shall serve as Vice-President until the expiration of term of the appointment of his predecessor.

12.6.     The Vice-President, elected by the Executive Committee, may perform powers and functions of the President, if the President at any time is incapable to operate or inaccessible, or if the President, for reasons, which seem sufficient for him, considers that it would be correct to hold back from actions in regard to any specific question.


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