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The Constitution of the IAP. Article 7. Annual membership dues
7.1.   The General Meeting may recommend minimum and maximum amounts payable as dues by organizational members for the following calendar year. The Executive Committee shall, having regard to any such recommendation, determine the dues payable by each organizational member after considering such proposals and information as may be submitted to it by the Secretary General. Before submitting his proposals, the Secretary General shall consult as may be necessary with each organizational member and shall take into consideration the circumstances relating to each organizational member and all other factors, which he considers relevant to an equitable assessment of dues.
7.2.   Individual members shall pay annual membership dues of such amount in such manner and at such time as shall be determined by the Executive Committee, subject to confirmation by the General Meeting.

7.3.  The Executive Committee may in exceptional circumstances (i) waive in whole or in part the dues payable by an organizational member and (ii) reduce the dues payable by individual members in a specified country when the circumstances, in its opinion, so warrant.
7.4.  Annual membership dues shall be utilised for the purposes of the Association in accordance with Article 13.9.

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