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The Constitution of the IAP. Article 5. Individual Membership
5.1.    An application by a prosecutor for individual membership may be granted by the Secretary General according to the Constitution.
5.2.    The application shall be in writing addressed to the Secretary General and shall contain sufficient information to determine the qualification for membership of the applicant.
5.3.    The applicant shall upon request supply to the Secretary General such further information as may in his/her opinion be necessary for the purposes of this Article.

5.4.  In spite of the afore-mentioned provisions of this Article, an application for individual membership may be refused if in the opinion of the Executive Committee, on referral of the matter to it by the Secretary General, the admission to membership of the applicant would be inconsistent with or otherwise detrimental to the achievement of the objects of the Association. In this case, the grounds of reasons for refuse shall be given to an applicant. Appeal against the refusal may be made to the Conflict Committee by lodging a notice of appeal, setting out the grounds on which it is based, to the Secretary-General, who shall submit it to the Conflict Committee for decision.


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