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IAP congratulates UAP with its 15 years anniversary



Mr. Oleksandr Shynalskyi

President of the Ukrainian Association of Prosecutors


    The Hague, 14th March 2020


  Dear President and dear Oleksandr in your personal capacity,


    It is with great admiration that we write to you on behalf of the IAP to wish the Association our heartiest congratulations on the celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the Ukrainian Association of Prosecutors and to celebrate the strong links between the UAP and the IAP over many years.


  The Association has a long history with the IAP and has been a true supporter of our organisation at both a personal and professional level for many years and that is reflected in the fact you are now an Honorary Member of the IAP, a most prestigious position in the eyes of the IAP. From 2007 to 2013, you were a member of the Executive Committee of the IAP and since 2014 you are a member of our Conflict Committee. During all this time you and the Association have worked tirelessly to promote our vision in Ukraine.


    All those who were present at the 14th Annual Conference in 2009 in Ukraine will never forget that wonderful event and, not only, did you and the Ukrainian Association of Prosecutors promote our professional goals but you also succeeded as an ambassador for the vast culture of your great nation. A warm and sunny Kiev greeted the 400 plus delegates in early September whereupon winter coats were swiftly discarded! Our Ukrainian hosts, the Prosecution Service of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Association of Prosecutors certainly made all the participants feel welcome, whether it was the VIP treatment at the airport as we were ushered through the immigration formalities or the fabulous entertainment and hospitality complete with top class traditional dancing and fireworks, which continued throughout the week, or the crew of volunteers made up from the wonderfully enthusiastic Ukrainian students who made everyone feel special.


  The Local organising committee, chaired by you did a magificant job in preparing the IAP annual conference and you and your team richly deserved the praise and thanks showered upon you throughout the week. The work programme under the conference theme "Successful Prosecutions; achieving outcomes” was varied and informative and on occasions very lively, particularly the workshop on "Measuring Success" which, predictably did not achieve a consensus view.


    Indeed, if we look back further to 2006 we see that the UAP and the General Prosecutor of Ukraine hosted the 2nd East-European and Central Asian regional conference. Both are organisational members of the IAP and the association deserves special mention when after only 2 years in existence it had 6,000 members at that time. 120 prosecutors from 25 countries attended that conference along with representatives of 7 international organisations. The conference began with a delightful reception at which participants were welcomed by you in your role as President of the UAP and the then IAP President, Henning Fode. The next morning the work began in earnest and over 2 days participants heard detailed reports from 28 speakers and experts in mutual legal cooperation in criminal matters. The whole event was splendidly organised by you and your team. We are very grateful to you for your expert and diligent administration, your generous hospitality and cultural experiences in the beautiful city of Kiev.


  I can think of no better way to compliment you and the UAP for the success of the 2006 conference other than to say that the following year the 3rd East-European and Central Asian regional conference was again hosted by the UAP. Once again, the whole event was superbly organised by you and your team and the Odessa Prosecution Office. During this event, ties between the UAP and the IAP grew even stronger, IAP President Francois Falletti received the highest award of the Ukrainian Prosecution Service from Prosecutor General Oleksandr Medvedko and IAP Secretary-General Henk Marquart Scholtz was greatly honoured when he was made Honorary Member of the UAP.


    The IAP over the years has acknowledged the huge contributions made by the UAP in the hosting of conferences by awarding 4 certificates of merit to the Association. But not only that, it cannot go without saying that your personal commitment to the IAP and its projects and programmes, sometimes, in difficult circumstances, has contributed to the development of an active global network of Associations of Prosecutors, this project would not have survived without your support both personal and professional.


  The IAP looks forward to continuing our work with you and the UAP in promoting the rule of law, fairness, impartiality and respect for human rights as well as improving international cooperation to combat crime.


    We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the UAP and wish you the very best for your future and that of the UAP.


  Yours sincerely,


Cheol-Kyu Hwang,


Han Moraal,

President of the IAP


Secretary General of the IAP

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