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Letter of congratulations from the IAP















Ukrainian Association of Prosecutors

Mr. Oleksandr Shynalskyi, President

19 Volodymyrska street , Office 36

01001, Kyiv


Hartogstraat 13

2514 EP The Hague

The Netherlands

tel.: + 31 70 363 03 45

fax: + 31 70 363 03 67 

E-mail: sg@iap-association.org


s – Gravenhage, 27 November 2015



Dear President

On occasion of the Conference of the Ukrainian Association of Prosecutors on the 1st of December and the Day of the Public Prosecution Bodies of Ukraine I would like to express the following on behalf of the International Association of Prosecutors (IAP).

You became an individual member of the IAP back in 2001 and have since then demonstrated yourself as a very active member of the IAP among other by serving as a member of our Executive Committee and through an active participant in all Annual Conferences and many of our Regional Conferences, even after you became Senator.

In 2004 you founded the Ukrainian Association of Prosecutors and in 2005 your Association became an organisational member of the IAP.

Three Regional Conferences were held in Ukraine, in Kiev in 2006, in Odessa in 2007 and in Lvov in 2008. In 2009 you further organised the 14th IAP Annual Conference and General Meeting of the IAP in Kiev, which was, just like the Regional Conferences, a big success.

It is evident that there is a strong connection between the IAP and the UAP. This was again underlined by the election this year of Mr. Vitalyi Kasco as a member of our Executive Committee.

We all know in which position and under which difficult circimstances our Ukrainian colleagues have to work today and we want to support you as much as possible. It is important that prosecutors can do their respective work without political pressure or interference, independently, fairly and without corruption. In that regard we always ask attention for our IAP Standards.

It is also of great importance that the government creates circumstances under which prosecutors can do their work in accordance with these Standards.

 I wish you a fruitful Conference and we hope that you feel supported by your colleagues around the world and if there is anything that we can contribute, please let us know.

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