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The work of the Fourth Regional Conference for Prosecutors from Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia has been completed

On November 13th, 2008, in Lviv, the Fourth Regional Conference for Prosecutors from Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia completed its work. It was held by the Ukrainian Association of Prosecutors in affiliation with the International Association of Prosecutors on the theme “Prosecutor and Human Rights”.


Over 100 participants from 21 countries of the world, and also representatives of 5 international organizations were taking part in its work.



In the framework of this forum the participants discussed the international standards and approaches of separate States to determination of role and place of the prosecutor’s office in the system of protection of human rights and freedoms, and also the prosecutor’s powers in this field while carrying out criminal proceedings and execution of punishments.


The President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko addressed the welcome speech to the participants of the Conference, presented by the Head of the Main Department of the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine, Viktor Koshchynets. In particular, he pointed on the fact that the theme of the present forum “Prosecutor and Human Rights” is undoubtedly actual for every democratic State. Protection of social and economic, political and personal rights and freedoms of man and citizen, ensured by both national and international laws, is the main object of the prosecution service. The President of Ukraine expressed confidence of the fact that the Conference would assist in exchanging the best international practice, defying the existing problems in the field of prosecutorial activity, and searching scientifically grounded and effective ways of their resolving.    



Interesting and instructive reports were made for participants of the Conference by Secretary General of the International Association of Prosecutors Mr. Henk Marquart Scholtz, General Counsel of the International Association of Prosecutors Mrs. Elizabeth Howe, Senator of the International Association of Prosecutors Mr. Werner Roth, the Prosecutor General of Armenia Mr. Aghvan Ovsepyan, Legal Adviser of the U.S. Department of Justice Mr. David Lewis, the Government's Representative to the European Court of Human Rights Mr. Yuriy Zaytsev, Head of Department of Legal Support of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine Mr. Yevgen Burdol, Prosecutor of Lviv region Oleksiy Baganets, Secretary of the Ukrainian Association of Prosecutors Mr. Igor Artementko and others.



During the Conference work our esteemed guests were invited to make an interesting and informative sightseeing tour on the eminent monuments of history, culture and architecture of Lviv region. The Conference participants and guests enjoyed the performance of professional and amateur art groups, which showed to our esteemed colleagues the artistic heritage of the Western Capital of Ukraine.   




The Ukrainian Association of Prosecutors expresses its sincere gratitude to the Prosecutor of Lviv region Mr. Oleksiy Baganets personally, and to the personnel, headed by him, for their fruitful efforts aimed at organization and holding the Conference at the highest level.


The participants of the Conference adopted unanimously the resulting document, which strengthened and underlined the key role of the prosecutor’s office and of prosecutors in protection of rights and freedoms of man and citizen.


You may have a look at the text of the resulting document of the Conference here.


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