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ІX. Termination of the activity 

9.1. Termination of the activity of the Association shall be carried out through its reorganization or liquidation in compliance with the decision of the General Meeting of the members of the Association made by a 3/4 majority of votes of the members present at the Meeting and, as well as with the court’s decision.

9.2. With the purpose to liquidate the Association, the Liquidation Commission shall be established. The Liquidation Commission shall be assigned with power to dispose of the property of the Association according to the legislation in force of Ukraine.

9.3. The monetary assets and other property of the Association, in the event of its liquidation, may be divided among its members, used for charity purposes or, under court’s decision, transferred to the State.

9.4. In case of the reorganization of the Association, its rights and duties shall pass to the legal successors.


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