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VІ. Finances and property of the Association 

6.1. The Association shall possess property and monetary assets, including currency assets, which are necessary for fulfillment of the Statute tasks.

6.2. The entrance fees and membership dues of the members of the Association shall be the source of the property and monetary assets of the Association.

6.3. The additional sources of the financial and material resources may be: 

  • voluntary contributions of enterprises, organizations, agencies and individuals;
  • an income from the activity of the enterprises, agencies and organizations, established by the Association;
  • other incomes that are not prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine.


6.4. Expenses on holding the General Meeting, Conferences, sessions of the Executive Committee of the Association, staff allowance, as well as the expenses related to the organization of the international cooperation and carrying out other measures shall be set by the Executive Committee of the Association.

6.5. The Association may have its own stock, transport vehicles, premises, health-improving institutions and other property, acquired with its own assets or provided to the Association as charitable assistance from private persons, organizations and agencies, and which is necessary to implement Statute tasks.

6.6. The Association shall not be responsible for the debts of the state, as well as the State shall not be responsible for the debts of the Association.


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