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ІІ. Objects and tasks  
2.1. The objectives of the Association shall be to protect legal rights and interests of its members, having worked or working in the Prosecution Service of Ukraine and to maintain the prestige and positive image of the Prosecution Service and prosecutors in Ukraine and abroad; to assist in the implementation of the tasks of the Prosecution Service as a Service for consolidation of the rule of law and legal order.

2.2. In order to fulfill the objectives of this Statute, the activity of the Association shall be directed to the implementation of the following tasks:
    to represent the interests of the members of the Association at the State authorities, courts and public organizations;
-     to promote actively preventive measures of infringements by the members of the Association and active propaganda of moral and ethical standards and rules among employees of the Prosecution Service;
-     to promote the establishment of relations between prosecutors, prosecution offices and associations of prosecutors all over the world for the purpose of exchanging of experience in protecting human and State interests;
-     to ensure higher level of the prosecutors’ independence, their protection against any influence, including political interference;
-     to provide consultative and practical assistance to the members of the Association in relation to legal protection from infringement of their legal rights and interests;
-     to encourage and increase the educational and professional level of the members of the Association through the exchange of experience and information;
-     to promote academic researches among the members of the Association and to hold scientific competitions;
-     to develop proposals on reforming and improving the system of prosecution service, legislation on the prosecution service, etc.;
-     to arrange and finance sports, educational and cultural activities for the members of the Association;
-     to encourage and to award members of the Association.

2.3. In order to fulfill the objectives and implement the tasks, set forth in this statute, the Association shall have the right:

-     to be a participant of civil-law relations, to acquire property and non-property rights;
    to represent and to defend its legal interests and legal interests of its members at state and public organizations;
-     to participate in political activity, to hold public events (meetings, rallies, demonstrations etc.);
-     to support conceptually, organizationally and materially other public associations, to assist in their establishment;
-     to establish institutions and organizations;
    to obtain from the state, administrative and local self-government authorities the information, which is necessary for the implementation of its objectives and tasks;
-     to submit proposals to the state and administrative authorities;
-     to communicate the information and popularize the ideas and objectives of the Association;
-     to establish mass media;
-     to establish enterprises which are necessary for fulfillment of the Statute objectives.
The Association shall also enjoy other rights provided for by the laws of Ukraine.

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