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About the Association / Enter the Association

To join the Association it is necessary:

To hand in an application (an example is attached) to the office of UAP located at the address 19, Voldymyrska Street, office 36, Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine, phone: +380 (44) 279-29-52


To send an application to the address: 19, Voldymyrska Street, office 36, Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine.


To send an application by e-mail to the address info@uap.org.ua


Taking into consideration that fact that according to the article 3.2 of the Statute of UAP a person who at time of becoming a member of the Association is working in the Prosecution Service of Ukraine or have worked earlier in the Prosecution Service, holding posts of investigators and prosecutorswill be eligible for individual and honorary membership of the Association, it is necessary to add to an application a copy of the document confirming the fact of working  in the Prosecution Service.


By virtue of Article 3.8 of the Statute of UAPthe members of the Association shallpay entrance fees (in 2017 – 100 hrn) and current membership dues (in 2017 – 200 hrn).


Bank details for paying entrance feesand current membership dues:


The All-Ukrainian Public Organization

“Ukrainian Association of Prosecutors”

Legal address: 19, Voldymyrska Street, office 36,

Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine.

Visiting address: 19, Voldymyrska Street, office 36,

Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine

Account number 26006001981001

In PJSC “CréditAgricole Bank”

MFO (sort code) 300614

EDRPOU (Company register code)33447273



All those wishing to get an identity card of the UAP’s member shall attach a color photo (an electronic form is possible) to their applications. 



To the attention: O. I. Shynalskyi 

President of the Ukrainian Association 

of Prosecutors of Ivan Vasylyovych Ivanov,

born on 28 January 1965

Home address: 04209, Kyiv 38,

Geroyiv Stalingradu Street, apt. 64

tel: +38(050)123-45-67

e-mail: ivanov@gmail.com

Position at the prosecuting bodies
(at the present time or in the past):
Head of Division for Protection of Rights
and Freedoms of Minors
of the Prosecutor General’s Office

of Ukraine







I ask you to accept me to the membership of the Ukrainian Association of Prosecutors. 

I recognize the Statute of the Association.




Date                                                                                                                      Signature








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